crafted by photobiz


1. Coordinate pop's of color. Establish a base color and embellish with 1 or 2 splashes of color. 

2. Layer your clothing as much as possible.  I know this can be difficult in warm weather, but it will add visual interest to your photographs.

3. If you are looking for a way to establish more color or contrast, combine colors and patterns in a coordinating manner.

4. Be yourself and dress how you feel most comfortable.  If you cannot move in the clothes you are wearing, it will show in your images.  Please keep this in mind when dressing your children. If they are uncomfortable, it will be difficult to enjoy their session!

5. Add a personal touch.  Don't be afraid to use items that you love.  These items will make your photographs more personal.  

6. Think about where in your home you will be placing your images.  Keeping the same color scheme will allow you to decorate your home with the best wall art - YOUR FAMILY!