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Do I need to bring anything with me to my child's newborn session?

No, you are not required to bring anything besides your child to the session! I have plenty of props, blankets, wraps, bows, etc to accommodate your session.  However, if you have sentimental items you would like to bring with, please feel free to do so.  


How soon can I book a newborn session?

I ask all of my clients to "tentatively" schedule your session before your child arrives.  You can do so by contact me at  These sessions book up quickly and are lengthy.  I cannot guarantee you on the schedule after the baby is born.


What do recommend that mom and dad wear if we would like pictures with our new baby?

I suggest wearing a solid color so that we can focus on your new baby.  


When must payment be made for our session?

A deposit of $75 is required for all sessions.  The reminder of your balance must be paid at the conclusion of the session.  Teeny Turtle Photography gladly accepts payment in cash, check, credit or paypal.


Why process my images with Teeny Turtle Photography? 

The only way to guarantee the quality of your images is by processing with me. My computer has been directly calibrated to the "hub" of machines where all of the processing will be made.  The prints that arrive to you will look identical to the images that you saw when they were presented.  My processing is guaranteed!


What is your cancellation policy?

I ask that you contact as soon as possible. I understand things happen and will try my best to reschedule you as soon possible.  Your deposit will held and used towards your rescheduled session.